I've never had a professional shoot before... What should I expect?

We know not everyone was born to be in front of the camera. Getting you comfortable is a big priority for us, so each of our sessions are a little different. Obviously we will not use the same techniques for our toddlers as we do our engaged couples (Surprisingly beer doesn't go over that well with toddlers...go figure!) We'll likely have been on the phone and exchanged ideas on your "vision" and discuss some wardrobe and location options. When you arrive in the studio or the location of choice, we'll spend a little time getting to know you (and / or your kiddo) before we start shooting. We'll give you direction as to how to position your body to make the image most flattering - whether that be head positioning or posture - or anything else we need to address to get the best shot. We have a deep understanding of light, shadow and how each of those can flatter you - so we'll use our tricks of the trade as needed. Don't worry - EVERYONE needs a help in this department... and its our job to make you feel great and confident every step of the way!


I often tell my clients that there is not a photo in our house that I haven't "whitened up my teeth a bit" or "powdered up the shine on my forehead..." and its true! Our job is to make you look GOOD, however we consider our retouching treatments very natural. So don't worry about the flyaways, a blemish or that unexpected bruise from your latest cross-fit triumph... We've got your covered!

When can I expect my images back to me?


Generally between 2 & 4 weeks, 3 weeks being the average. If you have a time sensitive matter or deadline you are trying to reach, please let us know at booking so we can make the appropriate preparations. While we won't (well, with rare exception at least) book more than one bride a month, we are always processing portraits. So there are times in the year when we might be in "crunch mode" (i.e. Family Portraits in the Fall in preparation for Christmas cards is a biggie!)


We do our best to return our newlyweds their images around four weeks. Depending on the length of the ceremony or the number of images we've shot, it can take up to six weeks. Again - please let us know if you have a reason we need to be particularly time sensitive. We honestly can't wait to return the images to you and know how excited you are! Generally, we try to invite you to our place for a "viewing party"... which makes the BIG reveal a lot of fun!

I'm looking for something a little different from the packages listed...

Fill out the Booking form and let's get a conversation started anyway. We'll call the packages a starting point and see where we go from there!

Do you offer albums? How about other products?

Yes.. And we'll bring some samples to the consultation so you can see first hand the quality! Prices start at $480 and the "bells and whistles" vary quite a bit... All of the them are gorgeous though!  When parent albums are purchases, group discounts take effect.. so think about it... Also we don't hold you to a deadline for the albums. We're even seeing some of our couples purchase the album at the year anniversary (it is the PAPER anniversary, after all). Why not make the paper amazing... with your gorgeous faces on it!?